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Coorp shooting in Brazil

Immerse yourself in the majestic colors of dawn 🌅 at the Furnas Lake, Minas Gerais, as captured by our drone. Each slide in this carousel reveals a different shade of the morning sky, painting a picture as dynamic and vibrant as Brazil itself. 🇧🇷

This beautiful shoot 📷 was commissioned by a corporate client, who sought to leverage the stunning natural backdrop of an electricity station. ⚡ At Camelô Produções, we pride ourselves on delivering smart solutions for corporate shoots across Brazil. Our wealth of experience and local knowledge allows us to find unique locations, capture the essence of the setting, and create visually stunning content that aligns with our client's vision. 💼

Whether it's the crack of dawn or the hush of dusk, urban landscapes or vast wilderness, Camelô Produções is your trusted partner for corporate video productions in Brazil. 🎬

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#DronePhotography #FurnasLake #MinasGerais #Brazil #FilmProduction #CorporateShoots

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