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Your trusted fixer in Brazil for over a decade. As a leading provider of cultural and audiovisual project support, we blend local knowledge, logistical expertise, and global standards to ensure an unparalleled filming experience. Our diverse, skilled team navigates administrative complexities, allowing you to focus on creating captivating content. We offer a deep understanding of Brazil's dynamic cultural, economic, and political landscapes, crucial for the authenticity and relevance of your productions. We believe in fostering harmonious team environments as the bedrock of successful projects. With Camelô Produções, you're not just filming in Brazil; you're immersing in a rich, vibrant culture, hassle-free. Choose us and experience the joy of filming in Brazil.

Any foreign production planning to film or record in Brazil, apart from news journalism, must navigate the intricate regulations of Ancine (National Cinema Agency of Brazil). This involves forming an alliance with a certified Brazilian producer and ensuring compliance with customs regulations for equipment import. That's where Camelô Produções shines. We step in as your reliable Brazilian partner, responding to the Agency on your behalf, and expertly handling all customs requirements. Whether you're planning a small-scale shoot or a blockbuster production, we provide seamless Visa and permit applications tailored to your budget. Let us navigate the complexities, so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

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Brazil's vast expanse and intricate cultural tapestry call for a seasoned team that mirrors its diversity and adaptability. At Camelô Produções, we embody these qualities, turning Brazil's complexities into opportunities for unique storytelling. Our journey begins with building a rock-solid foundation. Our comprehensive preparation phase covers all aspects of your project. From unearthing the most captivating locations that align with your vision to securing necessary permits But our services go beyond logistics. We dive deep into Brazil's rich cultural milieu to provide enlightening cultural briefings. This understanding empowers your team to create content that resonates authentically with local and global audiences alike.

Our extensive network of seasoned professionals, honed over a decade of successful collaborations, is ready to spring into action. We offer a wide array of talent for every need – from expert cameramen who capture the perfect shots, sound engineers who deliver crisp audio, to knowledgeable interpreters facilitating seamless communication. We also provide experienced drivers adept at navigating Brazil's diverse landscapes, and vigilant bodyguards to ensure your crew's safety.

Beyond the standard crew, we cater to your specialized needs. Need an aerial cinematographer for stunning overhead shots, a marine coordinator for scenes on water, or a seasoned animal wrangler for wildlife shoots? We've got it covered. Looking for actors, models, or extras? Our casting services will find the perfect fit for your vision.

When you're on the field, our strength in improvisation comes to the fore. We're experts at making quick, effective decisions to keep your production on track, even amidst unexpected situations.

With Camelô Produções, you're not just getting a team; you're gaining a partner that's fully invested in your project's success. We navigate the complexities of filming in Brazil, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating captivating content


Brazil: A vast land, almost a continent in itself, home to more than 200 million people and covering nearly half of South America. Navigating this expansive and diverse landscape requires an expert guide, and Camelô Produções is your trusted partner. With our profound understanding of the country and an extensive network of contacts, we're uniquely positioned to be your Fixer in Brazil.
The role of a Fixer is indispensable, acting as your guide, translator, and advisor, seamlessly bridging the gap between your team and the local environment. Without this crucial liaison, projects can be delayed, disrupted, or even fail. We handle interactions with local residents, secure accommodation, ensure team welfare, and maintain contacts with local authorities.
But we're more than facilitators. We're your gateway to the people and places that will bring depth and authenticity to your project, enriching your documentary or reportage, and piquing the interest of your audience.
Brazil's vast size and rich cultural diversity can indeed be a challenge for foreign teams. However, our established relationships with authorities and private institutions turn these challenges into advantages, expediting approvals and ensuring your project sails smoothly to completion.
With Camelô Produções, you're not merely navigating Brazil - you're experiencing, understanding, and telling its unique story

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If circumstances prevent you from sending your tech crew to Brazil, Camelô Produções steps in. As part of Brazil's leading position in the Latin American audiovisual market, we provide access to top-tier local professionals and the most exclusive high-tech equipment.

Our network encompasses a wide range of specializations, each committed to delivering exceptional quality. We offer the latest versions of high-tech cameras, lenses, and drones, ensuring your project benefits from the very best in filming technology.

Our team members are native Brazilians, fluent in English, French, and Spanish. They bring both technical expertise and local knowledge to your project, ensuring authenticity and seamless communication. With Camelô Produções, even without your tech crew, your project remains in expert hands, equipped with the best technology.

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