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The Golden Brazilian Savannah

ūüďćJalap√£o State Park - A true marvel of Brazil's natural world. Swipe right to experience this breathtaking location. ūüďł

Starting off with the iconic golden dunes, formed from the erosion of the distant Serra Geral de Goi√°s mountains ūüŹěÔłŹ. The way they reflect the sun's warm light is simply magic.‚ú®

The geology of Jalap√£o is a story of wind, rivers, and time, creating an incredible ecosystem. And it's not just the landscape that's unique - Jalap√£o boasts a rich and varied fauna too. ūüźĺ

See that footprint in the sand? It's from one of Jalap√£o's elusive large cats - possibly a jaguar. Spotting signs of these majestic creatures always adds an extra thrill to our explorations.ūüźÜ

From filming for Discovery and French TV shows, to scouting for new exciting locations, our journey with Jalap√£o continues to be fruitful. Each visit feels like a brand new adventure. ūüé•

At Camel√ī, Your Fixer in Brazil, we treasure the unique charm of Jalap√£o. It's unlike any other place in Brazil - and probably the world. The golden dunes, the sprawling savannahs, and the dazzling waterfalls never fail to leave us in awe. ūüĆÖ

So, are you ready to explore Jalap√£o with us? ūüöĀūüĆé

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