We are committed to build together the success of your project and help you to tell your story. Camelô Produções offers customized solutions regardless the type of audiovisual production: special report, magazine, documentary, TV series, movie, show or feature film. We believe that the executive production and production management should be left to experienced field professionals, familiar to the local environment and places of cultural and social interest. Two essential elements to ensure the safety of foreign production team and solve problems last minute.


Our services include the development of a network of experienced professionals that can be recruited by foreign productions: cameramen, sound engineers, photographers, drivers, interpreters, bodyguards... All aware of the requirements of the international market for audiovisual productions.


Depending on requirements, we also make castings of actors, models and extras. We plan and execute all measures in order to stablish partnerships to optimize the project in its entirety. Our services can be focused on the achievement of a particular goal in a production.


The interest of our professionals in the Brazilian culture makes the research and content production, related to the local reality, allows the script planning to shoot scenes in a more creative and authentic in an original scenario. Camelô Produções implements tailor-made logistics solutions for whatever your project may be. It can take place in any part of Brazil, even the most remote. Our collaborators can provide vehicles such as 4X4, helicopters, airplanes, boats, etc. We ensure the optimization of time and costs while preserving the welfare and comfort of the team.