We have extensive personal knowledge of all major Brazilian sites, natural, artistic, historical and architectural. The largest country in Latin America is known for its splendid sites that attract photographers and filmmakers from around the world. Wherever you choose, from filming its legendary beaches, or a documentary dedicated to the Amazonian fauna and flora, stalking the wonders of the seabed or impressive caves, retracing the history of Baroque art, or to highlight a goal on their social reality, the range of wealth to discover is very wide. Whatever you choose, a photo report, an artist's portrait, a documentary or fiction, Camelô Produções will be by your side throughout your project.


From the extravagant carnival to the natural beauties of the Pantanal, or the breathtaking Iguazu Falls and futuristic architecture of Brasilia, we'll advise you on the spot according to your project or investigation theme. By providing you our contacts and knowledge on site, we help you to take a fresh look and address these realities from an original or unusual angle.