Brazil is a continent in itself. More than 200 million people spread over a territory of almost half of South America. There are as many differences between a suburb south of Florianópolis and a village north of Pernambuco as exists between a suburb of Helsinki and a Calabrian village. Local resources, habits and behaviors, all different from one tip of the country to the other.


With its knowledge of the country and its network of contacts, Camelô Produções is the partner best placed to advise you and be your Fixer in Brazil. Depending on your type of project, the locations and the selected region, we can be the best people to guide you on site. Once you  find the contacts and the informants more aligned with your project, you open the best kept secret  and more, you ensure the best service at the best price. In a word, "Fixer" would describe it.


Guide, translator and advisor, the "fixer" is the indispensable go-between, one without which all can be delayed, skipped or failed. It links with residents, housing, welfare of the team and contacts with local authorities. More than just an assistant, the fixer also directs you to the people and places that will enrich your documentary or reportage and increase interest at your subject. In many ways, the success of your footage depends on the skills and human qualities of your fixer.