Camelô Produções is a company specialized in consultancy and assistance in the realization of cultural and audiovisual projects in Brazil. Its uniqueness lies in the diversity of skills of its team of professionals. At the head of a vast network of relationships and contacts, members of Camelo Produçoes have a thorough knowledge about the current events in the country, its economy, its politics and culture. Brazilian born or living in Brazil for many years, they are polyglots (english, french, portuguese and spanish) and very aware of the administrative procedures, being an effective interface between foreign teams and the brazilian bureaucracy.


Our mission is to implement solutions at lower cost and best performance, respectful with the specific needs of each team and practicable in all budget types. Our relationships with agencies and brazilian institutions allow us to open doors and facilitate the process. We find brazilian suppliers and trusted collaborators to run projects proposed by our partners. Camelô Produções is now a benchmark in terms of host, assist and advice in production.


But, above all , members of Camelô Produções are defined as great hosts whose objective is to help  the foreign team partners to uncover the colors and flavors of Brazil. Connoisseurs of the local reality, their expertise makes the work journeys a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. We believe that the welfare of a team is the key to the success of any project any kind.


Our motto "a happy and satisfied body, a light and well rested mind are guaranteed success!"